Betting Money On Fantasy Football Online

Football is the most popular sport in the United States, hands down by far. There are several reasons that this is true. One of them is fantasy football, which draws fan-interest to teams that they would not normally follow unless their favorite team was on the opposite sideline. But fantasy football has brought that all together with the types of formats that are offered. But did you know that fantasy football has expanded into new formats and opportunities that bring in the possibility to win money at betting sites?

Fantasy football has an entirely new platform that can be accessed, that allows sports betting and fantasy sports into the same ball park. There are several different ways in which playing fantasy sports can be profitable (aside from the pools that you are in with friends or coworkers). Information for wagering on fantasy football (NFL and College) is explained below. This includes details on the makeup of the sites, the theory behind the formats + more. But first, the most important question to answer...

Will I Get In Trouble For Betting On Fantasy Football? Is It Safe?

Federal law defines sports betting and wagering on fantasy sports differently, which allows for fantasy betting to be conducted legally. This type of wagering is considered a skill due to the information and strategy involved when putting together teams. As a result, users are free to legally place real money down at websites. In fact, many fantasy sports betting sites will operate in the United States, which is something that an online sportsbook is not able to do under the law.

Users are able to create an account, deposit funds, and place bets down with the opportunity to win money in return. But in its purest definition, the term 'bet' would not be accurate because the law sees it as something outside of gambling.

Types Of Websites Where You Can Win Money Playing Fantasy Football

There are three main websites that will formulate fantasy betting opportunities or a betting line that revolve around individual player performances. Two are directly related to forming fantasy football teams, while the other centers on individual players.

Fantasy Football Betting Sites With Weekly Tournaments + Leagues

This is the 'new kid on the block' so to speak, which has driven the popularity of fantasy sports up. Daily and weekly fantasy football websites that offer betting give users a new kind of choice. The season-long commitment is voided here, as fantasy owners with accounts have the chance to form teams day-to-day and week-to-week.

With the chance to form new teams each week during the season (and multiple teams for any given week), these sites are catching on for players. In terms of the profit that can be made at a site like this, the sky's the limit on the earning potential. With an unlimited number of teams that users can form and hundreds of different daily and weekly leagues that can be entered, the money that can be made here is big.

Fantasy users at these sites can select players for every league they are in. Players are not drafted and put on one team only. In theory, a league could have 10 teams where all 10 of them have one or more of the same players. The format is based on a different selection process where all players are on the table each week.

Bet On Over/Under Stat Totals For Individual Players - Prop Wagering

Player performance is at the center of fantasy football betting. How many touchdowns a player scores, the number of yards they rack up + a variety of other stats. Player prop odds feed off of this as well, but these betting lines are formed in a standard sports betting arena. At the onset of this page, it was mentioned that fantasy betting is legal in the U.S. while sports betting not (or rather largely limited). Player prop betting sites can be visited by U.S. fantasy owners legally through sportsbooks that are based outside of the U.S.

Actually, offshore sports betting sites are quite popular and all of the best U.S. sportsbooks are located offshore. Within the sportsbook, football player prop odds formulate a number of betting lines that fantasy owners would be familiar with. Stats that earn a fantasy user points would translate to money won on a prop bet. But while fantasy football limits successes to high production, player props can be profitable with low output by players as well. That's the biggest difference; the ability to place a bet on the underside of a player's performance.

How To Win Money At Standard Fantasy Football

Also referred to as 'standard draft leagues' a traditional website featuring fantasy football will allow for leagues and teams to be created by the users. Teams are formed mostly at the start of the season, but some sites allow for midseason teams and so on down the line. Leagues hold drafts for the users within the league and select players to that team for the season.

Once drafted, a player is tied to that team for the length of the league barring a transaction made by the fantasy owner. Leagues can go varying lengths of time, but it is decide prior to the start of the first matchups.

Money can be won at a traditional fantasy football website through a few outcomes. The most common of these options would be a side wager made between friends in a particular fantasy sports league. This can be differing amounts to each league. But the opportunity to purchase prizes for a league through the site can be available as well. There will usually be several different choices, where a fee is paid by the league members up front.

Playing At Fantasy Football Sites For Real Money - Financial Matters

Betting cash at a fantasy football website is legal, and with that comes a variety of dependable methods that can be used to easily deposit into fantasy football websites. Whether they website you're using is of the traditional, weekly, or prop centered variety, each will have their own process of facilitating a deposit made by a user. Accounts will also be required to first be created before funding can take place.

The management of the account is at the private use of the account holder. Common methods to make a deposit will be in the forms of credit cards and e-wallets. PayPal is generally seen at traditional and weekly football sites, which makes for easy transfer of funds.

The flip side of playing fantasy football for money is winning money and receiving a payout from the site. Similar to deposits, there will be a process to follow which begins with a request to withdraw. Factors to consider when getting paid out include the options available, the amount of money that can be paid out (limits), how long it will take + any fees that might be associated with a withdrawal.